Who and what is The Traveling Psychic Medium™ ?

Luan Heslin is a natural born Psychic Medium with well over 30 years experience.

Luan’s mission is to visit as many countries as possible. Towns, Cities, Beaches, Mountains.

This is where The Traveling Psychic Medium™ can come to you!

Luan will be traveling locally within Australia and overseas. Please watch the events page for these exciting opportunities to have an in person reading with Luan.

Alternatively you can book, phone, email and live chat with Luan in the interim.

You can also book Luan for personal reading services for 1 day to even a few months.

Costs will include traveling and accommodation fees.
Serious Enquiries Only – you will need to provide a $125 fee to receive The Traveling Psychic Medium™ schedule of fees = this is to ensure The Traveling Psychic Mediums™ PA is not inundated with fake enquiries.
This fee will be discounted from your first booking that involves traveling interstate or overseas and is not redeemable any other way.

For all fees, schedules and so forth, please email: info@thetravelingpsychicmedium.com

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